Radio Twenterand is strongly committed to protecting personal data. This Privacy Statement describes why and how we collect and use personal data and provides information about individuals’ rights. It applies to personal data provided to us, both by individuals themselves or by others such as companies and institutions that we provide services to and in that context, provide us with information about their employees or business relationships. We may use personal data provided to us for any of the purposes described in this privacy statement or as otherwise stated at the point of collection.

The following definitions apply in this Privacy Statement:

"Radio Twenterand" (and "we", "us", or "our") refers to Stichting Radio Twenterand based in Twenterand.

Applicable laws and regulations: all international, European, national, regional or local laws, regulations, treaties, decisions, statutes, sentences, court orders, codes of conduct, guidelines or any other requirements of any relevant government institution or supervisory authority, to the extent relevant and applicable in the Netherlands.

Terms in this Privacy Statement (such as "personal data" and "processing") have, in whatever conjugation, the meaning referred to in the Applicable laws and regulations. In addition, the above words have the meaning described in this Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to the Radio Twenterand website:

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable living person. When “you” or “your” is used in this Statement, we are referring to the relevant individual who is the subject of the personal data. Radio Twenterand processes personal data for numerous purposes, and the means of collection, lawful basis of processing, use, disclosure, and retention periods for each purpose may differ. We do not store your personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes for which we process your personal data, unless we are required to retain your personal data for longer under applicable laws and regulations.

When collecting and using personal data, our policy is to be transparent about why and how we process personal data. To find out more about our specific processing activities, please go to the relevant sections of this Statement.